Stripe Security Strong Customer Authentication – Update 14 Sept 2019

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    Eileen Quick
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    Hi There

    It is getting really close to this date and looking at the link below I am concerned that all payments are going to have a problem both new and recurring.

    Looking in my clients stripe account in stripe I can see there is an api update but unsure whether to carry this out (or indeed how to) and what effect this will have on the Invoicing plugin.

    Please could you advise what we need to do in preparation for these big changes and also whether your plugin needs updating and if so when will this be.

    Many thanks.


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    We have already this in our task list and we will release updates before this API updates applied on stripe. You will mostly need to update the add on when there is a new update.



    Eileen Quick
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    Hi Patrik

    What about the api update in the stripe account – will that need to be done at the same time or before? and what implications are there in updating, is it a straight just adding the code or have other things got to be done?

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