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    i have a question about the process of recuring payments and right now i didn`t find an answer.

    I i set up Stripe – my client is buying a 1month subscription. What happens:

    1. before the end of the months – is there any email information that the client will be charged the next days?
    2. when the client used credit card (stripe gateway) – he is automaticly charged again – so if he doesn`t cancel his contract, his credit card is charged?
    3. since stripe also offer payment methods like “bank transfer” or giropay – so payment option were the user has to be “active” to do the payment. What happens here. So at the end of a period, the user has to start the payment process on his own? Since i see that in invoicing the client see his invoices and if its not paid, he can use the “pay now button”

    So for my understanding – if no “automatic” payment is happen and user isnt active – after 1month his listing stops or is downgrading since he start the payment manual?

    Hope you understand what im talking about 🙂


    Alex Rollin
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    recurring subscriptions can only be setup for payment methods that do not require user intervention.

    Reminder emails can be set to go out when using GeoDirectory, prior to re-bill.

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