Pre-Sales Question: Recurring Donations of Custom Amount with Recurring Invoices

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    Hello, we’re very interested in your product. Before we buy we would like to see if it will meet our specific requirements. We need to do the following and in this order:
    – Allow visitors to the site to fill out a donation form (personal details, custom donation amount, and credit card details). We currently have a Gravity Form here: We would want to keep a form like this.
    – After the user fills out the form, a WPInvoicing transaction is automatically made on the page via PayPal Payments Pro, using WPInvoicing to manage that. If the payment is successful, then a paid receipt (or paid invoice) is sent to the donor.
    – If the transaction was recurring, each recurring successful PayPal Payment Pro payment should trigger WPInvoicing to send another Paid receipt.
    – If a payment is unsuccessful, they are notified via the Invoice system.
    – If the user wants to cancel their recurring payment, they have access to do so.

    Are these events possible with your plugin and addons? I see the Gravity Form addon, and I see the PayPal Payments Pro addon.

    Please advise if you think your products can meet our needs or not.


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    The Paypal payments will work as you describe.

    Our Gravity Forms will collect the info, but not forward the user for payment. Instead the site owner must create an invoice.

    Invoicing items are predefined, but a ‘name your amount’ addon is under consideration for future versions.

    I will flag your topic for the developers in case they have more comments.


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    Invoicing plugin is made for creating pre invoices sent to the user for the payment and once paid it will change status from pending to paid and send the receipt to the customer. There are predefined items that can be a one-time payment item or recurring item added to the invoices before sending it to the customer. As per your requirements, you want a user to enter the amount and create an invoice based on gravity form submitted and once paid sent a receipt. This is a bit different scenario and it can be done with some customization easily but it is not possible with plugins and add ons directly.

    I can say you can achieve your functionality with some customization and our Invoicing plugin, gravity form add on and PayPal payments pro add on. We have experts listing on our site who can help you for customization related things.


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