Number of invoices show on a public profile

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    The number of invoices show next to the number of listings in a user profile page. How do I hide this? See attached.

    It’s not necessary for the public to know how many invoices is associated to a user so why does it appear on a profile? That information should be kept private. It appears above the user tabs and next to the user profile pic when using UsersWP. I am using V2 of GeoDirectory and all extensions and themes are, for the most part, by GeoDirectory.

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    The developers will look into providing methods to hide individual counts in a future version.

    To hide the row of counts use this CSS:
        display: none;

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    You can hide “Invoices” from the list using the following code:

    add_filter('uwp_get_user_post_counts', 'uwp_get_user_post_counts_cb', 10, 2);
    function uwp_get_user_post_counts_cb($counts, $post_types){
        if(isset($counts['wpi_invoice'])) {
        return $counts;

    Put this code in the currently active theme’s functions.php file or use snippets plugin to add the code from admin side and let me know if it resolves the issue or not.


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