Is there a way to send out an email notification prior to renewal?

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    Trace Carlson
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    We need the ability to send out an email notification XX number of days prior to renewal. I am not seeing that option in the plugin settings.


    Alex Rollin
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    For GD Price packages that option is part of the Pricing Manager addon.

    Are you looking for the option to do that for custom recurring items you have created?


    Trace Carlson
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    Actually what the Pricing Manager has will work. Just had no idea that was in there. Can’t wait until there is decent documentation on GD V2! Thank you


    Marco Michely
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    What does “GD price packages” stands for?


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    Hi Marco,

    We have items for invoices whereas for our Geodirectory plugin, we have pricing packages for you can say membership. Those pricing packages are handled using the Geodirectory plugin and its connection with an invoicing plugin is done using the pricing manager add on. So one can create an invoice for package/membership purchased. You can get more idea from and

    Kindly create a new support ticket if you have any issues or questions instead of directly jumping into other tickets.


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