Invoice status marked as paid, even when other dropdown options are selected.

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    Matt Bitley
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    Hello! I had a question about generating a new invoice from the WordPress Dashboard and sending it to a customer via email. Whenever an invoice is manually sent, it shows the status as “paid” after clicking on the View/Pay button in the email, even when other options are selected in the dropdown, and thus the customer doesn’t have the option to enter their payment info. I have the WP Geodirectory Plugin enabled, as well as the Claim and Payment Manager add-ons (among others). Would you be able to help me with this issue?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


    Alex Rollin
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    Certainly, please send WP Admin credentials in a private reply so we can take a look.

    If you could create a new invoice for the user that will help, to.


    Matt Bitley
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    It seems duplicate page plugin is conflicts with our plugin. So if you disable that plugin then it should work fine. You can enable whenever you want to duplicate the plugin and disable it after you are done or you want to send an invoice. Meanwhile, we will find out some solution to fix this and update in the future update of the plugin.


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