Hide invoice from body of "Customer Invoice" email?

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    I would like to just send some custom HTML (using the Email Content field) along with a .pdf of the invoice – which works great, however below the Email Content is a HTML version of the invoice – can this be disabled anywhere?


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    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for your post. I’ve forwarded this to a developer and he will attend to you asap!


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    You can override the template in your currently active theme and modify it as per your requirements. You can copy the template emails/wpinv-email-user_invoice.php from Invoicing plugin to your currently active theme and comment or remove all following lines from that file:

    do_action( 'wpinv_email_invoice_details', $invoice, $email_type, $sent_to_admin );
    do_action( 'wpinv_email_invoice_items', $invoice, $email_type, $sent_to_admin );
    do_action( 'wpinv_email_billing_details', $invoice, $email_type, $sent_to_admin );

    Let me know if it works for you.


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