Help with test invoice and tokens

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    I would like to test that the invoice plugin is working well. Refering to this page I checked “Active” and “Enable Test Mode” in Invoicing > Settings > Payment Gateway > Go Cardless. For the token fields I made up a token called TOKENTEST and and TOKENSECRET.

    I raised an invoice for myself. I sent myself an email. I opened the invoice in the email and clicked View/Pay. It didn’t offer anywhere to insert the tokens. It took me to checkout but then when I tried to pay it said:

    Error: API call failed:The access token you’ve used is not a valid sandbox API access token

    What am I doing wrong please? (PS sorry if I’ve sent his ticket already but can’t see the other one in Support History)


    Alex Rollin
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    You will need a GoCardless account, and you can get the tokens from the settings in your GoCardless account.

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    Hi, I already have a GoCardless account.

    On the GD side, it seems I have created a token and I have inputted this. But I don’t know what to put into Live Token or Webhook Secret.

    On the GoCardless sideless, they are asking for the following (see screenshot)

    Certificate (if I enable this it asks to paste PEM-encoded TSL client certificate and private key)

    I asssume the URL is the one already populated in Invoice > Settings > Payment Gateway > GoCardless. But what should I input into the Name, Secret and Certificate?

    Can you help with this or do you think I need to hire a developer to get my GD Invoicing plugin setup?



    Alex Rollin
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    The URL is for the webhook URL, which is shown in your GoCardless settings on your site.

    You do not need the PEM, that is for mobile.

    Is the secret enabled and required? If not you don’t need it.

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