Error: API call failed:Insufficient permissions

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    I am trying to test the invoicing by raising an invoice to myself for £1. I go through the steps for payment but

    I seem to have everything set up but I can’t seem to make it work. When I raise an invoice and attempt to pay it, it keeps giving me Error: API call failed:Insufficient permissions.
    I have activated the Pricing and WPInvoicing addons
    I have paid and activated GoCardless Payment Gateway – Single Site
    I have an existing GoCardless account.

    In WPInvoicing > Payment Gateway > Co Cardless….
    I have selected the checkbox for “Active”
    I have selected the checkbox for “Enable Test Mode”
    I have inputted a Test Access Token (sandbox….)
    I have inputted a Live Access Token (live…)
    I have inputted the webhook url (…)
    I have not created a secret on GoCardless so have not inputted anything in the GD secret field.

    Why is it telling me I have insufficient permissions?



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    Please post your WP Admin details in a private reply so we can check your settings.


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    Hi Tabitha,’

    By default, access tokens are granted read-only access. Ensure that yours has read-write access.

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    Howdy Tabitha,

    My GoCardless sandbox token works your website. I also tried disabling the test mode and your live key works.

    There might be a problem with your sandbox account. Try creating a different sandbox account or contact GoCardless for more help with this issue.

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