Attach Contact Form 7 created invoice/quote into admin invoice/quote area

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    Daniel Fowler
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    Hello, could you please instruct me on how to attach my contact form 7 invoice or quote, submitted through website, to be reflected in admin quote/invoice area. All I see is the default “billing details” and “quote items.” I need to see the fields submitted by user in contact form 7 invoice/quote in order to give accurate quote to client/user. Thank you


    Daniel Fowler
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    In clarification to prior post. I, the admin, am a real estate appraiser who needs to obtain a property address and other specific information from user/quote seeker to provide accurate quote, or invoice. I would really like to have all the information provided in user submitted Contact Forms 7 invoice/quote form to be found in the Invoicing area. Then, the property address, etc, will be included in the final quote or invoice. For example, the below code will not permit the customer phone number to show up in invoicing area or invoice to be viewed/paid for

    <label> Your Phone (required)
    [tel* wpinv_customer_phone] </label>

    As you probably can tell, I’m not a developer so I hope this makes sense??


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    Hi Daniel,

    We collect information required to create the invoice/quote. We collect user’s details like first name, last name, email, phone, website, address, city, zip, and the invoice item if any. These all the details will be displayed on view invoice page. If you want to add any extra fields like property address then you will need to customize the plugin by hiring a developer who can do that.

    You can read our doc for using this addon here

    Let me know if you have more queries.


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