A few questions about client management

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    1. If there any way clients to register? If I use the regular WP user registration it does not include any of the additional fields required for invoicing on the registration form.
    2. How do I edit client details. If I go to “users” menu and edit a user from here, all I see is name and username, none of the invoicing fields are here ( company, address etc).


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    1. The information which is required to create an invoice is user ID and email which generally we can get from the WP user registered via any registration form. All other fields will be added once the user checkout for the invoice for the first time.

    2. Those are user’s invoice specific fields. We have considered those fields can be changed per invoice. If you have specific requirements to allow users fields to be edited from the Users menu then you can do that by a bit of customization.


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