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    Muhammad Ahmad
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    Hi there,
    we have just purchased 2checkout plugin, would like to ask few questions.

    1) we don’t want customers to leave the website upon clicking the “Proceed to Pay” button.
    we don’t want 2checkout website to open. Is it possible to display a simple credit/debit card
    form where customers can enter their details without leaving our website.

    2) do we have to enable all notifications in instant notification settings?


    Site Admin
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    1 as far as I know that’s not possible. Only Stripe and PayPal PRO provide a similar feature.

    2 do you mean on the 2CO account?

    Let us know.



    Muhammad Ahmad
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    Hi Paolo,
    so it means we can’t use inline checkout for 2CO in wpinvoicing, can it be done via custom coding.

    2: Yes on the 2checkout account, is it necessary to enable all notifications?


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    Hi Ahmad,

    This is what we can consider as a future enhancement to 2checkout add-on as it is not available in the current add-on. Thanks for your information. We have added this task to our future list.


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