Members By Justin Tadlock is a free plugin that extends your control over user roles and capabilities. It is very popular, in fact it is active on over +100k websites.

In it’s original state it allows to create new roles and edit both new and existing roles, by modifying their capabilities.

To make an example, you could create a role “staff” and crate pages that can only be accessed by users with that role. This allows website admins to create private areas of their websites.

Whenever the website owner has valuable information to hide behind these private areas, they tend to sell access to them, creating what we call paywalls or membership websites.

The Members plugin doesn’t provide options to assign a price to a role for a given period of time and collect payments, until today!

We created the Paid Members add-on to connect Members with Invoicing and create the most lightweight paid membership solution for WordPress.

Paid Members Settings

Is Membership Plan?
If enabled, allows to charge money for a given role.

The price to charge to access a given role.

Membership type
It is possible to set the membership as:

  • One time fee : never expires.
  • One time fee, limited time : requires the user to buy again once expired.
  • Subscription payment : recurring payment, it will not expire until the subscription ends.

For One time fee, limited time and Subscription payment it is possible to set :

  • Duration
  • Period

For Subscription payment it is possible to set:

  • Times it should recur
  • Trial period.

Expire Actions
For One time fee, limited time and Subscription payment it is possible to set :

  • Remove this role
  • Add another role
  • Remove this role and add another role


  • outputs the buy button for that membership.

Looking for BETA testers

We are currently looking for anyone willing to do some beta testing and provide feedback to improve it before its final release.

It goes without saying that you MUST have both Members and Invoicing installed for this add-on to work.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Download | Paid Members BETA

Welcome to!

We created this plugin out of necessity and you can read more about it here.

We hope you’ll find it useful and decide to use it. We’d be thrilled to hear what you think about it and we’d appreciate any feedback that can help us make it grow.

Enjoy Invoicing for WordPress and remember that we are here, looking forward to assisting you with your Invoicing needs!

The Invoicing for WP Team